Syria Monday accused Israel of inviting war one day after Israeli missiles destroyed Syrian radar installations in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

Two Israeli fighter jets fired missiles on the Syrian radar position Sunday. According to Syrian and Lebanese reports, two Syrian soldiers and a Lebanese soldier were wounded in the attack and the installation was destroyed.

Israel said Sunday's attacks were in response to Syrian-backed Hezbollah attacks in the Chebaa Farms region Friday, which injured two Israeli soldiers. Chebaa Farms is part of the Golan Heights, which Israel occupied from Syria. However, Syria and Lebanon claim the land belongs to Lebanon.

Hezbollah has pledged to continue fighting Israel until it vacates Chebaa Farms.

It was the second attack by Israel on Syrian positions in Lebanon since Sharon has been in office. Hezbollah responded Sunday by firing rockets and mortars at Israeli military positions in disputed territory along the Israeli-Lebanese border. Israeli artillery fired back, wounding a farmer, Lebanese officials said.