I never used to read the blogs until I started doing my new radio show. By the way, you can hear it on XM Satellite Radio — channel 168, the FOX News Talk channel — right after this program. It is also on many local radio stations, check in your area.

Talk radio and the blogs have a symbiotic relationship because whatever side you're on in the ongoing political debates in this country, you have to keep up on what the other side is thinking.

So Thursday on BuzzFlash and the Daily Kos — two deep, deep blue blogs — there was Sen. John Kerry on one calling for a filibuster on Sam Alito and on the other, great huzzahs of celebration that Kerry was keeping his promise.

Kerry promised to filibuster Alito, evidently, and the liberal bloggers and opinion makers have been screeching for him to keep his promise even if it is stupid, even if it is destined to fail and even if it makes Democrats look remote and out of touch with the American voter.

In fact, the attempt to gin up a filibuster does all three, but the far left libs — the ones so lib they're out where the buses don't run — they don't care. They want to die on this hill and they want to die fighting, overpowered, run flat like a beer can hit by a semi, but fighting nonetheless.

And it wasn't just the bloggers. The New York Times editorial page demanded the same thing — filibuster even if it is the rough equivalent of jumping off a cliff. The paper demanded precisely that.

OK. The senator from France announced from the French Alps, sorry, the Swiss Alps, that he would jump off that bridge and now he's gone and done it.

Kerry flew back to the U.S., appeared on the floor of the U.S. Senate and re-announced his filibuster plans.

Then we've got former President Gore — well, he thought he was president — former President Gore insisting George Bush committed an impeachable offense by listening to calls to and from Al Qaeda without a warrant.

You know, an election is coming up. Republicans ought to be beatable considering this corruption scandal, the media's take on the war, the blame game over WMDs, over the exposed blonde spy, over many things.

But the Democrats keep extending a helping hand to these hapless Republicans, and for the life of me I can't figure out why.

That's My Word.

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