A small Swedish town is searching for a bride-to-be who looks like Ingrid Bergman to re-enact the actress's first wedding in 1937.

The search was initiated by the folklore society in Stode, 235 miles north of Stockholm, to mark the 70th anniversary of Bergman's wedding to Petter Aron Lindstrom in the town church.

"We're looking for a Swedish look-alike, and it's going to be a real wedding — there won't be any cheating — and we'll pay for the wedding dress and dinner," said Gertrud Svensson, a deputy member of the society.

The wedding is planned for summer 2007 and, aside from featuring a look-alike bride and wedding dress, guests will be invited to dine on the original porcelain at the wedding party. The groom does not necessarily have to resemble Lindstrom, who came from Stode.

So far, the guest-list includes the daughter of Bergman and Lindstrom, Pia Lindstrom, as well as other family members living in Stode.

Bergman's films include "Casablanca," "Notorious," and "Anastasia." She won three Academy Awards and married three times, including to Italian director Roberto Rossellini. Bergman died of cancer in 1982 at the age of 67.