Swarm of 'Poisonous' Jelly Fish Stings Man More Than 50 Times

A kite surfer was left fighting for his life after he crash-landed into a two mile-wide swarm of poisonous jellyfish.

Terrified Crispin Freeman, 42, "swelled up like a balloon" after he was stung more than 50 times by the seething swarm.

He spent 40 minutes trying desperately to flee the creatures' millions of stingers — but became temporarily trapped because his kite was ripped.

He received so much poison that his body shut down from shock and his airways began to close.

Strong currents in the waters off Bahia Salinas, Costa Rica eventually freed him from the swarm.

Freeman, from Solihull, West Midlands, England, was rushed to hospital, where an emergency antihistamine injection saved his life.

"It was horrific. I thought I was going to die," Freeman said Monday. "After realizing I'd landed in the swarm, I tried to keep my head out of the water to prevent stings to my face and eyes.

"But I was so exhausted that I couldn't," he said. "I panicked initially, but after a while I'd been stung so much I couldn't feel anything."

Crispin still has the poison in his system, but is recovering from the May 23 ordeal.

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