Swarm of Hornets Kills Three Children in Malaysia

Three children died after being attacked by a swarm of killer hornets.

The siblings were repeatedly stung by the insects on Malaysia's Borneoisland as they walked with their mother over the weekend.

Six-year-old Sze Ying and her three-year-old brother Chun Jie died hours after they were admitted to the Sarawak General Hospital.

Their elder sister Chen Sze Ting, eight, fell into a coma after suffering numerous stings and died on Tuesday night.

The children's mother Madam Tan Wan Chew, 29, is fighting for her life and her condition is said to have worsened.

Their uncle Lan Chia, who was also stung, has recovered and been discharged from the hospital.

All five were set upon by the hornets while on a stroll on a hill near their home at the Sungai Moyang flats in Batu Kawa.

A pest control expert has destroyed the remaining hornet hives found behind the rocks near the flats where some 600 families live.

Two other hives were destroyed on Sunday night.

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