Suspended Broward County elections supervisor Miriam Oliphant (search) paid the filing fee needed to run for her old job Monday, days after submitting a check that bounced.

Oliphant presented a cashier's check for $7,726.14 at her old office in person Monday. On Saturday, she blamed her bank for bouncing the check she first used to pay the filing fee.

State law allows 48 hours to pay a filing fee with a cashier's check if the first check bounces.

"As far as I know I am running," Oliphant said.

A hearing wrapped up last week to determine whether Oliphant should be reinstated. Gov. Jeb Bush suspended her in November, alleging incompetence, neglect of duty and misfeasance.

The state Senate will decide whether Oliphant is reinstated. Steve Kahn, the Senate's top attorney, will recommend whether the Senate should uphold or overturn Oliphant's suspension.

Two fellow Democrats and a Republican also are running for the position.