And there were these footnotes to the story of America's war on terror.

The father of suspected shoe bomber Richard Reid tells CBS he blames himself for his son's plight. Robin Reid says he was an absentee father and didn't give his son the love he wanted. Robin Reid and his wife divorced when Richard was four, after which time Dad spent most of his time in prison – seeing his boy only once every two or three years. Reid's father says he'd like to see his son put in a hospital – possibly a mental health facility – so the alleged failed mass murderer might receive proper compassion and care. Robin Reid says he doesn't believe his son truly intended to blow up that Paris to Miami flight, but he is ashamed of his son's actions.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service has stepped up scrutiny of green cards in the aftermath of Sept. 11. But now comes word that a 14-year agency veteran has resigned after being charged with trading green card approvals for sex. Chicago Tribune reports Russell Mendez pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court to two counts of soliciting gratuities. The Chicago man admitted he obtained sexual favors from two men in return for approving applications for permanent residency.

Meanwhile, some Taliban officials now say they tried to hand Usama bin Laden to U.S. authorities. Newsday reports that the Taliban's representative to the United Nations spent three weeks after Sept. 11 urging his leadership to condemn the slaughter and hand over the mastermind.  Abdul Hakeem Mujahid says he worked with the Taliban's foreign minister and other senior officials in Kabul to devise a strategy to remain in power while expelling Al Qaeda. The plan failed when the Mullah Mohammad Omar vetoed it. Mujahid says he tried to persuade Omar and his inner circle “not to sacrifice the entire Afghan nation for the sake of one person.” But he says Omar wouldn't budge. Mujahid adds that he now supports the government currently in power in Kabul.