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It felt a little like a Monday and a lot like a Friday as the entire team was back in force on "FOX & Friends." By the way, I think our morning show was stellar Saturday, Sunday and Monday as well and I hope you did too.

As for today, it was a weird news day as we covered Iran/Iraq in one segment and how to act during a bank robbery the next. Wait a second… most of our shows offer that type of variety! Maybe it felt weird because I was forced to lay face down on the tiles with Gretchen on national TV!

What else added to the flavor of the show? How about our quest to find Gus the lost dog! Gus is a cream-colored Dachshund and if you find him, you will be $2,500 richer. As far as we know, Gus' family was the first to hire a publicist to find him. Wow! I am not sure my family would do that! Hope it works!

There's a lot of talk about the troop surge in Iraq — the danger and the hope, especially with over 100 losing their lives this month alone. I believe the sprint to September will be the story of the summer with all waiting for the fall report card.

We're looking forward to having you all back with us this week and for those fans in Texas I am coming to see you in person! My book tour lands in Dallas Thursday at Border Books then to Fort Hood on Friday and Sugarland on Saturday. "It's How You Play the Game" is the name of the book and it was written to help people become great individuals, not great athletes. If you need it personalized for Father's Day or graduation, visit or mail it to me with return postage to:

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