What's more fun -- having sex or fitting into an old pair of jeans?

According to a new online survey conducted by Special K cereal, more than a quarter of British women say slipping into their “trophy” jeans again would feel better than sex, the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph reported.

About 35 percent of those surveyed admitted owning a pair of old jeans that they kept in the back of their closet in hopes of fitting into them again, the survey of 2,200 women found.

And when they were asked how they would feel if they could fit into those old jeans again, 29.1 said “better than sex,” 28.9 percent admitted it would be better than a promotion and 11.1 percent thought it would beat a marriage proposal.

"This research shows the sense of euphoria and the endorphin rush women get when they achieve their goal of fitting back into that one special pair of jeans is even better or on a par with some of the other great pleasures in life,'' Special K spokeswoman Laura Bryant said.

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