A Korean woman obsessed with plastic surgery had to have 2.1 ounces of cooking oil removed from her face after she injected herself with the substance, London’s Daily Telegraph reported.

Doctors also removed 7 ounces of cooking oil from her neck.

Hang Mioku, 48, who started having plastic surgery when she was 28, was having trouble finding doctors to operate on her after her multitude of surgeries.

Some doctors suggested she seek psychiatric help.

But one doctor, who recently gave her silicone injections to the face, gave Mioku a syringe and silicone to take home with her. When the silicone ran out, Mioku started injecting herself with the cooking oil in order to fuel her addiction.

The cooking oil made her face so enlarged that children in her neighborhood poked fun at her and said she looked like a “standing fan.”

Mioku pleaded her case on TV, and sympathetic viewers donated money for yet another plastic surgery — this time to reduce her swollen facial features.

Although much of the swelling has subsided, Mioku is left with scarring.

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