Supporting Peace and Terror?

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Sometimes peace prizes are handed out to folks who don’t deserve them.

Yasser Arafat got the Nobel Peace Prize (search), both before and after supporting terrorism. A North Vietnamese official shared a Nobel Peace Prize, just before he helped massacre thousands of South Vietnamese in Communist purges. And now an Indian writer has received the Sydney peace prize, while encouraging Iraqis to join what she calls the “resistance.”

Arundhati Roy (search), in Australia last month to pick up her $37,000 Sydney Peace Prize, called on Iraqis to "become the Iraqi resistance." When reminded that the so-called resistance routinely slaughters unarmed civilians, she snapped back, "We can't assume that resistance means terrorism because that would be playing right into the hands of the occupation."

Now, civilized folks used to agree that chopping off the heads of innocent hostages qualifies as terrorism. But Ms. Roy claims it’s possible to support the Iraqi resistance and to support non-violence.

Such twisted logic isn’t easy for regular folks to understand. But it does help explain how Ms. Roy and Yasser Arafat got their peace prizes.

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