Supermodels Prefer Nerds

Remember the other day I was praising nerds? Being one myself, I reminded our female viewers that they might want to think twice before summarily rejecting that goofy guy making a pass at them.

Now proof I'm right.

No less than Janice Dickinson (search), the world's first supermodel, who likes to remind folks she's slept with everybody, has a very special somebody.

Not Warren Beatty (search), who she describes as "great" and "had lots of practice."

Or Jack Nicholson (search), of whom she said, "The joker was wild."

Or Bruce Willis (search), apparently "fabulous in bed, fabulous all around."

No, in her second autobiography, "Everything About Me Is Fake ... And I'm Perfect," Dickinson says famous paramours like Mick Jagger and Liam Neeson and Sly Stallone and Frank Zappa can't hold a candle to ...

Are you ready for this?

Jon Lovitz (search), the nerdy, overweight comic, "Yea, that's the ticket ... Jon Lovitz ... sex god."

Dickinson tells the New York Daily News' Drew Mackenzie: "Jon is the sexiest man alive ... the funniest, most well-put-together man that walks the earth."

She says he's not only "hot" and a "hunk," but a deeply caring soul.

This from the woman who could have anyone. And apparently did, but settled for a certain nerdy someone who made her smile, made her laugh, made her melt.

Proof, ladies take note, nerds ARE sexy. Just ask any supermodel.

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