Supermodel Molly Sims Stops By

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

Welcome to another week of cablecasting on America’s numero uno morning news show, “FOX & Friends.”

On Sunday, May 21, at 7:00 p.m., our contest officially closed. To the hundreds of thousands of viewers who entered our “Breakfast with FOX & Friends Sweepstakes,” thank you for taking part in the biggest contest in our program’s history. It might be the biggest contest in FOX News history. It’s unofficial, but I think we got more entries than the FNC contest “Win Neil Cavuto for a Day” (second prize was winning Neil Cavuto for TWO DAYS).

In the coming days I’m sure we will have the name of the winner as selected by our FOX News supercomputer. Then sometime in June our winner and their guest will arrive at the FNC studios in midtown Manhattan for a whirlwind trip of a lifetime! Airline tickets, a swanky hotel room (stay away from the mini-bar), Broadway tickets for two, an appearance on "FOX & Friends," a wonderful breakfast waiting, and at the end of the trip we’ll ship them off with a 42-inch plasma screen television. By the way, the TV does not run on actual human plasma. It’s something electronic. Good luck to all of our entrants!

Because we’ve had so much serious news this past week, we’re doing our best to get us all ready for a fun summer season. So this week we’ve mailed Brian Kilmeade out to the West Coast for exclusive reports from “American Idol.” In just a few days we’ll know who the winner is, Taylor or Katherine. Simon Cowell has said that Taylor will win, but then again he doesn’t get to vote. WE DO!

Today Brian had a few of the finalists who made the first cut and a great interview with the guy they thought would win last year, Constantine Maroulis. Brian used his Mike Wallace-like interviewing skills to pound out of him that he's working on a CD and it should be out shortly, which is great news for his many fans (Constantine's, not Brian's). By the way, Constantine thought Katherine would be hard to beat. We'll know in just a few days. So stay tuned.

Brian was probably a little jealous that he missed a live in-studio interview with supermodel/actress/famous person Molly Sims. She helped me do the weather, and then she presented me with a very fancy ink pen that is way too nice for me to actually use. I'm planning on giving it to my wife for her birthday on Wednesday. When she opens the box I guess I'll know if my wife is watching. "Hey, isn't this that pen Molly Sims gave you? That doesn't count!" I can imagine her saying.

So stay tuned for Brian’s reports all week long. Stuff you won’t see any place else! He will also report on the illegal alien situation out there, and if he has to he’ll offer career advice to any Hollywood celebrities who’ll listen.

I must salute Brian because he’s going to be working until late at night West Coast time and then grabbing a few minutes of sleep before reporting live from Hollywood at 3 a.m.! For this feat of superhuman endurance, during his flight to LAX Brian had his regular blood supply drained and replaced with a combination of Red Bull and Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream.

By the way, several days this past week "FOX & Friends" was the most watched cable news show in the important 25-54 demographic, which means that many families start their days with us! Thank you for trusting us with your mornings! And for your continued support, we all salute you!

Have a great week!

Steve Doocy

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