Karolina Kurkova’s "Weight Problem" | Jada Smith's Sex Scene Fears | Kim Kardashian Brags About Reggie’s Bush’s Hand Size | Bundchen & Brady Not Engaged… Yet

Karolina Kurkova’s "Weight Problem"

Although she looked simply stunning at last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, supermodel Karolina Kurkova has come under harsh criticism for her fuller-than-usual figure over recent months. The 24-year-old was unfairly blasted by the Brazilian media for her "cellulite and love handles" after walking in Sao Paulo Fashion Week in June, and was then harshly dubbed "too fat" by fashion critics following the lavish lingerie show in November.

Kurkova has told Tarts in the past that her diet is comprised mainly of fresh vegetables, salad and protein. But for several weeks leading up to last year’s Miami show, an inside source said that the supermodel cut carbs altogether, and worked out for hours in an effort to keep up with other super-slim Angels Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Marisa Miller.

"She was exhausted and didn’t get down to where she wanted to be," said the pal.

Apparently her weight woes may have more to do with a medical condition than with just a lack of willpower. According to an insider, Kurkova joins the ranks of 27 million Americans who suffer from the thyroid disorder hypothyroidism, which interferes with the body's metabolism.

We’re also told that the Czech-born beauty (who is the eighth highest-paid supermodel in the world, according to Forbes) almost didn’t strut in the 2008 VS show, and the final decision to let her bare her bod to billions wasn’t made until the last minute, which is why her name was kept off pre-show press materials.

A rep for Kurkova did not respond to calls for comment.

Jada Smith's Sex Scene Fears

There aren’t too many women who would be encouraging their husband to get as hot and heavy as possible for a love scene with someone as stunning as Rosario Dawson. But for Jada Pinkett-Smith, she just wanted to protect her own reputation.

"Jada said, 'Listen, make sure you don't embarrass me.'She said women forever are going to be looking at this love scene and they're going to decide whether you can go or not," Will Smith said with regards to his racy romp with Rosario in "Seven Pounds." "So don't be holding back, don't embarrass me."

This marks only the second sex scene Smith has done in his entire acting career. The first one was with Pinkett herself in "Ali," so it comes as no surprise that he was beside himself with nerves leading up to it.

"Will wouldn't start kissing for weeks," Dawson revealed to the L.A Times. "It would be on the schedule, we'd have lights and everything set up, and he would end up being like, 'I'm not feeling it tonight. I don't think it's going to happen. Let's wait another week.' I was checking my breath, smelling myself, trying to see: 'Am I offending the man in some way?'"

Kim Kardashian Brags About Reggie’s Bush’s Hand Size

Kim Kardashian dates one of the hottest boys in the football biz, and clearly she wants to remind everyone just how big and strong her man is. Strangely enough, the reality starlet posted pics of Reggie Bush’s super-sized hand compared to hers on her official blog this week.

You know what they say - big hands, big… feet.

Kardashian is also urging everyone to go out and buy "Disaster Movie" which was just released on DVD so they can see even more footage of her wrestling with fellow hotties Vanessa Minnillo and Carmen Electra. On that note, the flick has also been nominated for a big award - a Razzie for Worst Picture.

Bundchen & Brady Not Engaged… Yet

Despite rampant rumors that NFL star Tom Brady and his supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen are engaged, a source close to the comely couple said nothing has been made official and Bundchen will have to wait a little longer to receive her rock.

"But there is nothing stopping them from getting engaged," added our source. "It could happen any day."

Pals predict the Patriot will wait until the football season is done and dusted before popping the question. Stay tuned.