Super Bowl Halftime Fallout Continues

Both MTV and Justin Timberlake are now blaming Janet Jackson (search) for the halftime rip-off. And Ms. Jackson herself is contrite.


JANET JACKSON, SINGER: My decision to change the Super Bowl performance was actually made after the final rehearsal. MTV, CBS, the NFL had no knowledge of this whatsoever. And unfortunately, the whole thing went wrong in the end. I am really sorry if I offended anyone. That was truly not my intention.


If? If anyone was offended? Where does Janet live, on Venus? Actually, the diva does not live in the real world. She has no idea about the sensibilities of most Americans. She's cocooned, pampered, patronized by her entourage and business associates. She's completely clueless, but her corporate bosses aren't. They understand quite clearly that entertainment marketed to young Americans must be as vulgar as possible if an easy buck is to be make.

All this corporate angst is phony. If CBS really wanted to send a message, it would dis-invite Ms. Jackson and Mr. Timberlake from the GRAMMY telecast on Sunday. Instead, the pair will appear. And I predict right now, they'll get standing ovations from the zombies in the audience. I also predict CBS will get huge ratings.

Now Michael Powell, the head of the Federal Communications Commission, says the entire half time program was offensive and Powell will take action. But in the end, any fines that will be imposed on CBS won't hurt that network.

The important message here is this. The entertainment industry in general has become a corrupting force in our society. Gangster rappers who glorify violence, drugs, and the debasing of women are rewarded with endorsements from companies like Nokia and Reebok.

Movie that feature incredibly explicit violence are hailed by some critics as art. And entertainment magazines routinely kiss up to the purveyors of food and attack anyone who objects to the debauchery.

As "Talking Points" mentioned on Monday, until the American people rise up and actively oppose the MTV agenda, nothing will change. The money is simply too big. The power has shifted to the side of the gangsters.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Out in California, Feng Shui is very hot. That translates to water and water. It is a Chinese tradition of design.

So the assistant speaker of the California assembly, Leland Yee, has introduced a resolution urging all state architects to incorporate Feng Shui into their design of all state buildings.

If they don't, they might be kung fu'ed! OK, that's a joke. Called Dumb Shui in Chinese.

Anyway, the whole thing might be ridiculous. I just want to hear Arnold say “Feng Shui.”

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