What a great day to co-host a three-hour show! We began with a toss out to the great Adam Housley who was standing outside a bank that was in the midst of a hostage standoff after a botched robbery. We knew the guy was down to one hostage and within seconds of the police duping him into giving up the last man — they grabbed him virtually live on the air just as Adam set the scene. No one was hurt, the story was completed in central California and Adam still gets paid for a full day of work!

Somewhere in between the domestic stories we were covering, we slid in a hit with Lt. Col. Bill Cowan on the growing rift between Al Qaeda and Sunni insurgents. It's real, its happening and finally they are killing each other rather then taking on our forces. There’s still no word yet on Jill Carroll as I write this and most people are perplexed about the agenda of the kidnappers. So far there are no money demands, just freedom for Iraqi women prisoners to spare her life. Of course, once freed they will get back to repressing Iraqi women and bar all advanced education.

We had fun with a failed “American Idol” contestant who thought it was a good idea to dress as the Statue of Liberty. Simon gave him two notes before he sent him packing. Turns out the guy could sing and the bad toga was a fatal error! Why we did the segment outside I still do not know.

So far, besides Tiki Barber, our top sports guest has been Mike Ditka, who wasted no time in the green room saying how much he likes FOX News. This week he called us and confirmed he'll also join us at the Super Bowl in Detroit. Also committing to our site in Detroit at the Motown Winter Blast: Joe Montana, Rick Reilly, Marcus Allen, Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, Jamal Anderson, Sen. Carl Levin, Sen. George Allen, Jimmy Kimmel and many more!

Friday’s show should be a killer — among our guests is a former Iraqi general who knows where Saddam's weapons of mass destruction are and how to get them back

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