This is Easter weekend and around the world Christians will remember the death and resurrection of Christ in worship services.

While Christmas is significant in that it represents the impact of Christ coming to the world, it is Easter Sunday that represents the very foundation of the Christian faith: That Christ didn't merely come or even die a martyr's death. He overcame death in the resurrection.

On this rests the very veracity of Christianity. If this is true, there is reason for celebration and joy. If this event didn't happen, then the Christian faith is a dead and deadly delusion and its followers are to be pitied for giving such energy and devotion to a broken promise and an empty religious ritual.

All that Easter is can be summed up in the simple message I heard years ago from an elderly minister who delivered a sermon called "It's Friday, but don't worry, because Sunday's coming."

The various pains and heartaches faced by people in their human existence are just the "Fridays of our life — days we are laid low by a diagnosis of disease, by the loss of a job, by the death of a friend, by the pain of rejection. It's Friday, but don't worry, because Sunday is coming… and when Sunday comes, even death will die — the darkest of our Fridays will become a Sunday of new life."

This Easter, many Americans have lost jobs; there is fear about the future. Will I be able to make my rent payments, put food on the table, overcome the disease that I just learned about?

Be careful not to get too wrapped up in the doom and gloom of those who will tell you how bad your Fridays are — because Sunday is coming! Yes, there are wars, our government seems to have abandoned the basic premises of individual liberty and none of us can be assured that all our treasures won't vanish in an instant — whether by theft, by tax or by the foolishness of those we trusted to care for them.

It may be Friday, but don't worry because Sunday's coming.

If you are a person of authentic faith, don't give in to the prophets of pessimism. The worst thing that can happen to you is to die. That's Friday, but Sunday's coming.

That's Easter. It's why I refuse to dig a hole to hide in; I'll look for a mountain for climb and wait until Sunday.

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