The official death toll from the Asian tsunami (search) climbed dramatically to 147,000 Friday and authorities held out little hope for tens of thousands still missing. Flying over miles of ravaged shoreline, a shaken U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan asked: "You wonder where are the people? What has happened to them?"

The jump in official figures for dead and missing came a day after a United Nations official predicted the final toll would be far higher. "I think we have to be aware that very, very many of the victims have been swept away and many, many will not reappear," U.N. humanitarian chief Jan Egeland said.

Secretary of State Colin Powell toured stricken areas in Sri Lanka and promised long-term American help to rebuild. "Only by seeing it on the ground can you really appreciate what it must have been like on that terrible day," he said.

The world answers the tsunami victims' call for help and America's military leads the way. We'll get an update on those relief efforts from Secretary of State Colin Powell.

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