When you think summer movies, you think sequels, remakes, super-heroes, and gross-out comedy.

Don't you.

Well al of that and more is on tap for 2009. There are other sequels in store (“Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”), as well as remakes (“Land of the Lost”) and gross-out comedies (“The Hangover”).

But, for the discriminating viewer, there are also some intriguing entries – big-budget and indie alike – on the summer schedule, starring summer movie stalwarts like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, as well as quirky types like Paul Giamatti and Ed Asner.

Yes, that Ed Asner. The one that used to scream 'Maaaaaaaaary!"

Here then are ten flicks to keep in mind, in chronological order, as you plan your summer movie viewing.

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Critic and author Marshall Fine reviews film and writes about entertainment at www.hollywoodandfine.com.