Welcome to our summer of heightened anxiety.

We got through the Fourth of July without disaster, but nobody really thought there would be a terror attack of consequence on Yankee Doodle day.

After all, the day means something to us — not them.

And why use your terrorists to blow up a bunch of barbecuing Americans when you can wait a few weeks and go for the politicians gathering to renominate the president of the United States for a new term?

It may also be that terrorists know there is no point trying anything for the Republican Convention at the end of the summer, because security will be ratcheted up to a fever pitch.

I don't know if anybody plans to be running trains through Penn Station, under Madison Square Garden, while the president is in the room accepting his nomination.

If I were a train rider that night, I would expect to come to a halt and I would expect to wait until the president is out of the building.

Just a guess, but it makes sense to me. I won't be on a train that night in late summer.

So it's a long way to Labor Day and we have to worry about terrorists around here all summer.

And then if we get through the summer, and we get through the Republican Convention, there's always the third anniversary of Sept. 11.

So let's just say that if we get through all this in one piece, we really will have something to be thankful for come Thanksgiving Thursday in late November.

Happy summer.

That's My Word.

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