Study: Women on Birth Control Pill Less Attracted to 'Masculine' Men

A recent study featured in the journal “Ecology and Evolution” claims the birth control pill may have changed women’s taste in men over the years, London’s Daily Mail reported.

Scientists from the University of Sheffield in the U.K. said the Pill’s hormones have suppressed a female’s interest in ‘masculine’ men, making ‘boyish’ men more attractive.

Dr. Alexandra Alvergne of the University of Sheffield said women taking the pill have altered the way women pick their partners.

“There are many obvious benefits of the Pill for women,” Alvergne said. “But there is also the possibility that the Pill has psychological side effects that we are only just discovering. We need further studies to find out what these are.”

According to the theory, women prefer ‘masculine’ men during the time they ovulate each month. But on the days women are not fertile, they prefer men who have boyish faces and caring personalities.

However, women who take the birth control pill are not fertile; therefore, they are always attracted to these boyish men.

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