Luxury cars really do get pulses racing - especially the roar of a Maserati, according to a survey.

Also, it was women, often considered to have little or no interest in cars, who were most excited by the Maserati's rev.

A study commissioned by car insurer Hiscox tested men's and women's responses to the roaring engines of three luxury cars, in addition to an everyday vehicle.

The 40 participants listened to the recordings of a Maserati, a Lamborghini and a Ferrari, along with a Volkswagon Polo, before having a specimen of their saliva collected.

Researchers then looked at the amount of testosterone secreted in each person's saliva.

Click here to listen to the Lamborghini Gallardo.

This is because loud noises, such as the revving of an engine, are likely to have an arousing effect on an individual's physiology - but this could be pleasant or unpleasant.

By measuring levels of testosterone, a hormone which indicates arousal, the study was able to measure the car's stimulating effects.

The results showed 100% of female participants had a significant increase in testosterone secretion after listening to the Maserati - compared to only half for the men.

The gents fared better at the sound of the Lamborghini, with 60% showing an increase in testosterone.

And if it is an everyday car you are hoping to impress the ladies with, perhaps think again.

All the women that took part in the survey had a decreased level of testosterone in reaction to the Volkswagen Polo subcompact.

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