We’ve long been told that walking 10,000 steps a day is good for us, but a new study now shows conclusive results that it has proven health benefits.

The Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) looked at 60,000 workers in 55 countries who aimed to walk 10,000 steps every day for eight months.

At the end of the challenge, 67 percent of participants reported an increase in fitness and energy levels and participants lost an average of 10 pounds each – just from walking.

After four months of taking part in the study, the number of GCC participants with high blood pressure was reduced by 34 percent, while waist size was reduced by an average of two inches.

Participants who stuck to walking 10,000 steps, which equals almost five miles, a day for one year were able to maintain blood pressure, keep the weight off and decrease their BMI.

They also reduced significant risk factors for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.