A 15-year-old Hollywood, Fla., student is suing her school district for forbidding her to hand out fliers for a church youth group in class.

Christine Curren is suing the Broward County School District (search) on the grounds that her constitutional rights were violated last year when a teacher stopped her from handing out church youth group fliers to her classmates.

Curren is offended and believes that if she had been handing out invitations to a pizza party, she wouldn't have been stopped. But the district stands by the move, pointing to its general policy prohibiting the distribution of any printed materials in school.

The case brings up the issue of whether public schools should be screening, censoring and confiscating religious materials handed out by students.

Supporters of the teacher's decision say schools are no place for handouts, Christian or otherwise. Critics say religious kids shouldn't be treated differently than other kids, and students' rights don't end at the schoolhouse gates.

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