A University of Wisconsin student has admitted to stealing 2,000 issues of a school newspaper to keep his friends from reading a report about his arrest for drinking alcohol.

Tory Schaaf, a director of the Student Senate at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, said he'd taken the issues of the Student Voice, according to a report Monday in the paper. The issues were later used to fuel a bonfire for the Theta Chi fraternity, where Schaaf is a brother.

Schaaf, of Prior Lake, Minn., did not return a message left at his home at the fraternity house by FOXNews.com Wednesday.

The stolen March 23 issues contained a police blotter report on Schaaf's March 19 arrest for "absolute sobriety and prohibited blood-alcohol content," the Student Voice reported. Schaaf's blood-alcohol level was .11 according to the Voice, and he was fined $1,014.

The River Falls Journal also reported on Schaaf's drunk-driving arrest in a March 22 edition.

Theta Chi President Ryan Stovern told the Voice for its March 30 story that Schaaf stole the issues from buildings across campus.

“He was upset about [the police report] and didn’t want people to see his name in the paper,” Stovern told the Voice.

Student Senate Vice President Derek Brandt told the Voice that the matter would be “handled internally.”

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