A student shot himself to death in a high school bathroom Monday, just moments after getting off the bus, authorities said.

School Superintendent Bryan Dunn said faculty members and staff had not seen any warning signs that the boy, Ryan Clancy, intended to harm himself.

Surveillance cameras at C.M. Russell High School captured the junior getting off a bus, then walking into a bathroom just inside the school doors.

The principal, who was outside the bathroom door, heard a shot, ran in and found the youngster, Dunn said. Dunn said no one else was in the restroom.

Administrators locked the school down immediately after the shooting but decided not to send students home for the day.

"We have to walk a very fine line," Dunn said. "You want to show respect and concern for the child and the family ... but you also don't want to unintentionally draw attention that might encourage copycats."