Stuck in the Middle

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Dear Viewers,

As you may know, our show "may" be "on the road" from Little Rock (search), Arkansas Wednesday night.

We have an interview scheduled with the former first lady — now U.S. Senator from New York — Hillary Clinton (search) at the new Clinton library (search). If the show is not "on the road" from Little Rock, it will be "on the road" from the Charlotte, North Carolina airport... and via cell phone.

I am writing this blog from the airport in D.C. having arrived at 6:15 a.m. (after three hours sleep) for my flight to Little Rock. I have a ticket to Little Rock via Charlotte, but can't get a seat assignment from Charlotte to Little Rock because the flight on that leg is oversold. They are "hoping" someone will give up a seat in exchange for a free roundtrip ticket. They are not hoping as much as I am. I need to get to Little Rock.

Of course, when US Air sold FOX this ticket yesterday the airline "neglected" to inform FOX that the second leg of my journey was oversold. Yesterday, there were travel options — other airlines — for me to travel on. As I sit in the gate area in D.C. it is now too late for travel options. I am at the mercy of good luck. You can imagine how "happy" I am with US Air right now.

Here is one other thought: I am a US Air Chairman's Preferred Passenger. This means that US Air recognizes me as a loyal patron — that I fly a zillion miles a year on their airline — and thus give me and all the other Chairman Preferred members "special" service.

As for the show tonight, I hope you will watch. At this point I am very curious from where it will originate. By the way, if you think I am worried about whether I will make the show tonight, my producer doesn't know anything about this yet. She will not be thrilled when she reads this blog, unless I have boarded the second leg to Little Rock and then she can relax.

By the way, yes, this is how we live in live TV news... always on the edge.


Programming note: On Friday Mrs. Cheney joins us.

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