The rest of the media is focused on President Obama, who is off on another U.S. apology tour in Saudi Arabia, meeting with King Abdullah, a day before his big speech to the Muslim world from Egypt.

But tonight here's the one thing they're missing: Strong foreign policy needs to begin much closer to home; specifically, right on our own borders.


If you're one of the dopes who think that only hard-working families trying to feed their kids are crossing our borders illegally, maybe this exclusive video showing a well-connected terrorist recruiter in Bahrain threatening to smuggle a biological weapon through tunnels under the Mexican border will wake you up from your utopian "open borders" dream:


ABDULLAH AL-NAFISI, KUWAITI DISSIDENT: "Four pounds of anthrax — in a suitcase this big — carried by a fighter through tunnels from Mexico into the U.S. are guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within a single hour if it is properly spread in population centers there... what a horrifying idea; 9/11 will be small change in comparison. Am I right?"


He goes on to suggest Al Qaeda would work with what he claims are 300,000 American white supremacist militias, who also hate the U.S. government.

Though this dirtbag might just look like any radical teacher, he's not; he's very close friends with Usama bin Laden, who just released a new terror tape against the United States, and Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban.

Wait, Glenn. This is so weird. I thought terrorists wouldn't hate us once we elected Barack Obama? Didn't they only want to kill us because we invaded Iraq?

No, that's just an excuse to shift the blame. Terrorists attack America because they see us as the "Big Satan." In Christian terms they literally believe we are the antichrist.

And yet there are still those who buy into the lie that America is somehow out to get Islam; that we're "obsessed" with fighting them. They cite the first Gulf War, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Abu Ghraib and the alleged abuses at Gitmo.

But common sense says Americans aren't waging war on Muslims; we're waging war on terrorists.

If we hated Muslims so much, then why would we bail out the Muslim country of Kuwait in the first Gulf War or liberate millions of Muslims from the Taliban in Afghanistan? And liberate millions more Muslims in Iraq from a dictator who was killing his own people?

Yet, after all of that, 8 in 10 Americans believe that Muslim countries have an unfavorable view of the United States and our own president ignores our good work in the Middle East when he talks overseas about repairing our image and apologizes for our mistakes.

So, I beg you President Obama, please stop wasting your time on these apology tours in the Middle East. It's not going to work. America doesn't care about your religion and as for the others, terrorists are terrorists. They'll want us dead no matter how many apologies you offer.

And, a side note, Mr. President, it bothered a lot of people when you said we weren't a Christian nation. That's OK, I've read the founding fathers. But it probably bothers a lot of people when you say we are one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.

It's not even true: Only about 2.3 million of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims live in the U.S.; we actually aren't in the top 30 based on population.

Maybe he was thinking Islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.S.? But actually non-denominational Christianity and witchcraft are growing faster. Actually, Islam is the fastest growing religion in federal prisons, with 30 to 40,000 conversions a year.

Another thing that we should worry about.

So, instead of "repairing our image" how about we start repairing our borders? And, if you want to pander to the Middle East by doing that, great, use Saudis as a model. They are in the middle of building a 560-mile, triple-layer, state of the art fence to seal off their entire border with Iraq.

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