Strange Controllers Hit Market for Nintendo Wii

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Owners of Wii game consoles from Nintendo Co. have always enjoyed the freedom its motion-sensing games offer, but the wire between the remote and the nunchuk needed for some games could limit movement.

Video game accessory maker Nyko Technologies Inc. on Monday rolls out its $34.99 Kama Wireless Nunchuk, which is powered by two AAA batteries and a device that plugs into the bottom of the Wii remote.

The combination allows the left hand to operate without knowing what the right hand is doing.

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This could be a welcome addition for games that require players to use the nunchuk stick for movement and the remote to dish out attacks. And if the console ever gets a top-notch boxing game, the Kama could be key to delivering the perfect final uppercut.

A few third-party controllers have appeared since the Wii first arrived in stores in November 2006, most in the form of plastic shells that make the Wii remote feel more like a tennis racket, fishing pole or golf club.

As more peripheral makers look for inroads into the growing Wii market, Nintendo too is getting ready to introduce North American players to a new controller. This one looks like something you'd see at a step aerobics class.

"Wii Fit," to cost $89.99 and arrive in stores in May, will be packaged with a wireless balance board that senses players' weight and balance.

The game — already a hit in Japan — will guide players through more than 40 aerobic, strength training, yoga and balance activities and exercises, while letting them set fitness goals and track their progress.