You know there were a lot of unseemly revelations that came to light "after" Sept. 11. But one of the most annoying to me was this report that the FBI and CIA weren't exchanging information with one another. That they were way too territorial, way too self-absorbed, and ultimately way too willing to let their ultimate job for protecting all people, fall second to protecting "their" people.

I only bring it up now because it's happening again now. As state attorneys general and secretaries of state do battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (search).

It started with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (search) spitting on the SEC for not going after mutual fund company abuses.

Then this past Friday, on my show, Massachusetts' secretary of state piles on, saying the SEC dropped the ball.

SEC chief Bill Donaldson responds in a stinging editorial column of his own, arguing Spitzer and company are doing more harm than good.

I almost feel like the angry dad with two quarreling kids. I want to pick them both up by the shirt collars and bang both their heads!

Here's a news flash for both of you: Shut up!

Your goal shouldn't be to bash each other, but help each other.

It's not about looking after your own press, but looking after our money.

It's not about your reputation. It's about our savings.

I don't know what you're more interested in: protecting our finances, or your sorry asses.

So, let me be clear: You're free to have your differences. You're not free to air them.

There's something called loyalty to your cause, not your press clippings.

You owe the investors of this country a lot more than flashy press conferences in this country.

It's OK to disagree. It's not OK to be disagreeable.

You're here to help us, not act out a spectacle in front of us.

So get over yourselves and get back to work, or I'll bop both your heads in!

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