Stop Talking, Start Doing

We've got to wake up here, folks.

And fast.

We have to drill.

And we have to drill this simple point through some environmentalists' thick skulls.

If we do it now, we can look forward to having it soon. Not real soon, but sooner than if we do nothing at all.

Pity is we could have had it much sooner had we explored much earlier.

When we had the chance, and the legislation, and the opportunity.

But we nixed the chance, and rejected the legislation, and blew an opportunity.

Now, we're blowing our future.

Because this isn't about protecting polar bears.

This is about protecting us.

And our very economic future.

Look, I'm not saying oil is the answer.

But I know, not getting so much oil from guys who'd sooner wish us dead isn't the answer.

So look for alternatives here.

Look at solar here, and wind here, and nuclear here.

And yes, look for oil here.

But for god's sake, do something here.

Because it ain't getting any friendlier there.

So here's what stops now.

The blame game. The press conference game. The kangaroo court parading oil execs game.

The whole "I'm outraged" game.

Because you know what?

I'm outraged that you, Congress, keep sayin" you're outraged, but don't do a damn thing about it.

So stop talking, start doing.

Stop blocking, start exploring.

And while you're at it, start looking for the backbone I know you hide.

It's just above the ass I know you have.

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