Stomping on Saddam

I want to talk to the French right now. And the Germans. And the Russians. I want to talk to all those who opposed the liberation of Iraq.

I want to show you all the joyous scene in downtown Baghdad today.

People oppressed. Now people free.

People once hopeless. Now hopeful.

People you forgot. But we remembered.

If you had things your way, they'd still be under the thumb of a dictator. And you were fine with that. We were not.

You had no problem telling them, live with it. We had a big problem telling them, get over it.

Look at their faces. See their smiles. Feel their joy. Their freedom. Their fervor. How do you feel now? Still sure going the extra mile for them wasn't worth it? I don't think they'd agree.

While you were debating, they were suffering.

While you were kowtowing to a dictator you knew was an ogre.

They were enduring under a dictator they knew was even worse.

They lived in huts and tenements. He lived in castles.

But that didn't bother you.

They scraped by to get morsels.

You skulked by to get contracts.

They couldn't realize a penny from the oil that made Saddam rich.

You didn't seem to care, as long as it made you rich.

You opted for profit over principle.

And deals that made a dictator richer and his people poorer.

You argued the world had no right to interfere in a sovereign nation.

But you won't waste a nanosecond to worm your way into this new nation.

Now you want in.

When for so long the masses have been kept out.

You are as crass as you are cunning.

As phony as you are pathetic.

I ask you to look at their faces.

Then look at your own.

See the triumph of the human spirit and the coalition soldiers who fought and died for it.

Then your own pathetic selves, who even now can't come close to appreciating it. Or even understanding it.

You were sickening then. You're sickening now.

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