New videotape has surfaced that supports the contention that tons of explosives (search) missing from a major munitions depot in Iraq were looted after U.S. troops entered the country.

Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry (search) says the missing explosives — powerful enough to demolish a building, bring down a jetliner or even trigger a nuclear weapon — are another example of the Bush administration's poor planning and incompetence in handling the war in Iraq.

President Bush (search) says the explosives were possibly removed by Saddam's forces before the invasion.

Stockpile saga: explosive impact on election?

A sample of your responses:

I think it will not. I think most people have decided by now who they want to support. This story will give the Kerry people ammunition to say "oh yeah, Bush screwed up again!" and it will make the Bush people (like me) say "how in the heck can people believe in Kerry when he is again grasping at straws even before he know where the straws are!"
Wendy D.
Apollo Beach, FL

How stupid does this administration feel? An undersecretary puts out a story that the Russians took them then the tape shows up showing they were there 9 days after the fall of Baghdad. This shows Bush will not accept responsibility for anything.
Bill W.
Edmond, OK

I cannot believe the amount of time this story has taken. Now we know there was in fact WMD. OK. Enough. Let the military handle it. I have complete faith in our military and soldiers. George W. Bush does NOT personally guard anything.

Blaming the President for NOT micromanaging the war, the flu vaccine, etc. just goes to show how desperate Kerry is. If Kerry doesn't plan to delegate responsibility for the daily details, he'd crash and burn in two weeks as President. As for the actual explosives, I'm no more concerned now than before. If terrorists didn't get them by theft, they'd get them from their state sponsors. Dead by terrorism is dead.  Does it matter the source?
Dana P.
Lynn, MA

Missing explosives? So What? Did anyone think that the weapons being used against the Iraqis and our soldiers came from the open market?
Elizabeth S.
Clearwater, FL

I am so tired of hearing the media see how many ways they can spin this... how sensational they can make it... etc. I have watched every day... hoping to hear something positive somewhere in your interviews but all I get is people that you invite to argue. Okay... we know the Liberals are for Kerry... we know the conservatives and a lot of Democrats have crossed the aisle to vote Republican... What else is new?

Have you ever heard about the FOG of war? Bush cannot be blaimed. Kerry is just desperate and is putting us in danger. This is going to backfire on Kerry!
Chatham, NJ

How can Bush accuse Kerry of not knowing the facts on the missing explosives when Bush rushed us into a war without knowing the facts about WMD in Iraq?
Bill C.
Chicago, IL

I think that the "explosives" story is going to backfire on Kerry. I am tired of Mr. Kerry jumping on stories before all the facts are in. Seems like an act of desperation.
Janet J.
Clemson, SC

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