Sting May Be Reuniting With The Police

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Sting May Be Reuniting With The Police

It’s looking more certain than ever that Sting is about to reunite with his original band, The Police.

The signs are strong, with enough clues available so that even Colonel Mustard could figure it out. Here’s one: Yesterday, former Policemen Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland were guests, with their families, at a Malibu birthday party for Sting’s better half, Trudie Styler. Their appearance caused quite a stir.

And on Thursday night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Sting dedicated a lute version of “Message in a Bottle” to the pair of former comrades who happened to be seated in the auditorium.

Further investigation: Although Sting and his camp remain mum on the subject, sources do tell me that the Police will reunite this summer to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Such a tour makes sense for everyone, since a reunited Police would probably mean sold-out stadiums and arenas around the world. An announcement could come at any time.

And think of it: With U2 and the Rolling Stones having exhausted their audiences by now, the Police would have a clear shot this summer for record-breaking box-office numbers.

The Police only recorded five albums before breaking up in 1982, but their greatest hits remain radio staples a quarter century later. Since then, Sting has gone on to have an unparalleled hit solo career, while Summers and Copeland have concentrated on jazz and soundtrack composing.

Still, the group’s songs are widely known even to a new generation. “Every Breath You Take,” “Roxanne” and “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” are known to many different age groups.

If the Police do reunite — and there’s every reason to think they will — the impetus may have come from a documentary Copeland showed last year at the Sundance Film Festival called “Everyone Stares.” Icy relations among the three thawed when Sting attended a screening of the film.

Since then, Sting released his classical album, "Songs From the Labyrinth," which held the top spot on Billboard’s classical chart for 12 weeks.

Insiders say that Sting’s former reluctance to rejoin his mates is gone now that he’s accomplished pretty much everything he could in his solo career, at least for the moment.

Meanwhile, the birthday party for Styler, a low-key event held at their home not too far from last week’s devastating Malibu fires, attracted the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Courtney Love and Larry Hagman, who owned the house before the rock-royalty couple.

Love is said to be looking very well and ready to sell her new album, recorded with producer Linda Perry, to one of four labels vying to bring her back to the top of the charts.

Vultures Descend on Warhol Movie

It didn’t take long: Two members of Andy Warhol’s famous entourage who consulted on the movie “Factory Girl” tried to sell out star Sienna Miller yesterday in the British press.

Richard and Robert DuPont, a pair of 47-year-old twins who’ve never moved beyond their heyday as Warhol “superstars,” told a U.K. newspaper that Miller tried to live like her character Edie Sedgwick, using drugs and not eating, and sleeping until all hours.

The DuPonts, by the way, are not related to the famous and wealthy Delaware family of the same name. But they were able to capture Warhol’s attention in the 1960s because the notoriously shallow artist loved friendships with scions. The more money, the better.

But “Factory Girl” producer Holly Wiersma, who nurtured the movie from embryonic idea, assures me that Miller — an easy target thanks to her roller-coaster tabloid romance with Jude Law — was nothing but professional during the making of the movie and since then.

The DuPonts’ story, she says, is like dried glue and won’t stick. They’ve waited 20 years since Warhol’s death to see their names in print again.

Miller is no Lindsay Lohan, however, which is what the DuPonts want to make her. From the beginning, “Factory Girl” was her project — not bad for a 25-year-old! It would be pretty hard to be starving yourself and doing drugs and also making a movie.

On the other Miller — who’s half Brit, half American and spends most of her time in the U.K. — also has a cheeky sense of humor. She can come across in person as ethereal too. And “Factory Girl” has been a wearying project, with lots of re-shoots and restructuring to get the difficult tone and structure of George Hickenlooper’s docu-style feature right.

Give the girl a break.

Borat's Sidekick; Supreme Meeting

Ken Davitian, who plays hilarious sidekick Azamat in "Borat," is a real person. He turned up on Saturday night in Los Angeles at Jason Binn’s swanky soiree for Los Angeles Confidential at the W Hotel.

Davitian was only too happy to take pictures with dozens upon dozens of fans who couldn’t believe their eyes. But if "Borat" creator Sacha Baron Cohen wins anything tonight at the Golden Globes, Davitian will have to watch it from a closed circuit TV.

“I wasn’t invited,” he said.

He also worked for very little money as an unknown actor, and hasn’t gotten any kind of bonus check from the "Borat" producers since the movie turned into a money-making phenomenon.

My guess is that before the DVD is launched in March, Davitian will get some kind of check for his substantial contribution to the movie’s success.

Still, it’s hard to get respect when you come from an unusual background.

“When we found him,” a "Borat" insider told me, “he was running a hot dog stand in the Valley.”

Here’s a scene that could from the “Dreamgirls” sequel: Last night, in front of The Four Seasons Hotel, after the BAFTA/LA “tea party,” once and forever Supreme Mary Wilson — her story partly influenced “Dreamgirls” — got a surprise.

Waiting for her car to arrive, Wilson was introduced to Diana Ross’ 18-year-old son Evan, whose father was the late Norwegian shipping magnate Arne Naess Jr.

Wilson — who once toured the world with Ross and slept in the back of station wagons — had never laid eyes on her former partner’s late-in-life son and was a little overcome.

If only young Evan could talk some sense into his mother and stop her from shopping in Ralph’s looking like a bag lady. …

And here’s more from the BAFTA/LA tea: Penelope Cruz arrived toward the end in a beautiful pink suit, looking, well, hot.

“I have to get home soon,” she said. “My father is arriving from Spain.” He will be her date tonight. ...

Helen Mirren told me that her never-ending supply of knockout outfits — gowns, dresses, suits, etc. — are not all stuffed into her room.

“There’s a very nice woman who keeps it all straight and keeps bringing it to me.” That’s a relief. …

Ioan Gruffudd, the dashing star of “The Fantastic Four,” is engaged to beautiful blond English actress Alice Evans. The pair, always a welcome sight, are planning a fall wedding. …

And Forest Whitaker took a picture with his doppelganger, U.K. Daily Mail gossip columnist extraordinaire Baz Bamigboye. The two are frequently confused.

“Several people have congratulated me for 'The Last King of Scotland,'” Bamigboye joked. ...