Here's the one thing: Some people still want to know who President Obama really is. But I think if you don't already know him through his actions, then you probably never will.

Just look at what's happened over the last couple of days.

Last week, The New York Times asked the president if he is a socialist, like those evil conservatives — like me — have been claiming. He originally said no and then rambled on about the budget and energy spending.

But apparently, the president was bothered by his original answer — or at least his staff was — so he later called the reporters back and, with his advisers and teleprompter handy, explained that he didn't think it was serious question.

This time, Obama insisted he wasn't a socialist and suggested that President Bush had started the big government trend.

I swear it's like we're in the third grade again. He started it! Really?

I've got two teenagers, a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old; I don't need another child in the White House. Everybody grow up. Continuing and expanding socialist policies doesn't make you a capitalist.

If you still don't know who our president really is, then take a look at how he treats his adversaries.

He once said Republicans can't just "listen to Rush Limbaugh" and get things done. On Monday, he suggested his administration would talk to the moderate elements of the Taliban — as in the terrorists masquerading as a government. Regardless of whether this is a good idea, we have a president who is now willing to sit down with violent extremists under the guise of "getting things done."


The last example is Obama's decision to end a ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. But there are two big problems with this:

First, he's elevating science above morality and ethics. According to Princeton professor Robert George, a leading pro-life voice on stem cell research, the "radicalism in the area of bioethics is on the scale of Obama's attack on the free market economy."

Second, he'll act like it's a reversal of Bush policies, but it's not. It's taking the funding out of the private sector and making taxpayers pay for it.

In this economy, this is what we're spending our money on? Where are his priorities?

Who Barack Obama really is should now be pretty obvious. But maybe that's the wrong question to ask. Maybe what you should be asking is, who are you? What do you believe in? And, most importantly, what kind of America do you want to live in?

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