Still a Lot to Celebrate

I caught a conversation on some talk-radio station yesterday, where the caller said something to the effect, what is there to celebrate on the fourth?

Companies are cooking the books, priests are abusing kids, baseball players are on steroids and terror threats are everywhere. This country has gone to hell, the caller said.

And it got me thinking.

It is easy to get fixated on everything that is wrong. It is easier to forget the things that are still right.

Like heroes. We've still got them. Just look at your firemen and your policemen.

Like a still strong economy. Just look at your record home sales and car sales.

Like commitment. Just look at the record pace of engagements and weddings since September 11.

Like generosity. Just look at the staggering amount of monies raised for helping everyone from terror victims in New York to drought and fire victims out West.

I like to think the sum of our strengths is greater than the sum of our fears.

This July 4th, I'd rather celebrate the former, than bemoan the latter.

A lot of soldiers through more than two centuries have fought and died so that we may share some fireworks, some hot dogs and some good times.

I don't think the "greatest generation" would think much of our panicking over the latest market gyration.

It's easy to condemn what they fought so hard to keep.

I'd rather celebrate what they made sure we'd all still have: A great country, a great people and a really great future.

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