Nekia Durant has been practicing her stiletto strut since she was 2 years old. Even so, she doesn’t have a clue how to walk in high heels.

“I’ve taken my life in my hands in heels,” admits Durant, a 30-year-old health-care worker. “I’ve had my heel stuck while crossing the street, with traffic bearing down on me.”

Which is why she signed up, with her mother, Peggy, for the class “How To Walk in High Heels New York City,” at a Chelsea dance studio earlier this month, alongside several other wobbling fashionistas.

The hourlong class, a group workshop that teaches women how to navigate the tricky terrain of Gotham, is the first of its kind, says instructor Victor Chu. For $50 at the Legwork school, a pupil will learn how to master uneven sidewalks, surprise subway grates and kryptonite cobblestones that send stiletto-clad ladies flying.

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