Can Friday the 13th be lucky for two new movies at your multiplex?

Maybe not after we run them under a microscope illuminated by the harsh glare of The Foxlight.

Drew Barrymore got out just in time. Here's another lame Tom Green movie according to some critics. It's called Stealing Harvard and it's basically for Green and costars like the Jason Lee to try every hairbrain moneymaking scheme they can concoct to send a needy niece to Harvard. The real education has to be for whoever picks scripts like this.

Next, the generally affable urban comedy Barbershop starring Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer. It's basically Car Wash with a little off the sides. Imagine the best part of Eddie Murphy's Coming to America as a movie. This should give a little boost to Cedric's new sketch comedy show coming to Fox this fall. By the way Cedric, there's something I've always wanted to know.

MCCUDDY: Does it say 'Cedric the Entertainer' on your credit cards?

CTE: Yes it does.

MCCUDDY: Membership has it's privileges.

The real question this weekend is whether or not something as tepid as Swimfan can stay at No. 1. Probably not, which means if these two new films don't open big, guess what film could move from No. 2 last week and become No. 1 for the first time since it opened last April? That's right, 'My Big Fat Nobody Saw This Coming But It's About to Top a Hundred Million Bucks Greek Wedding.'

And that's always surprising world of celebrity receptions we crash every week in the warm wedded bliss glow of The Foxlight.