I'm not sure what the president will say to the nation on the Iraq (search) war. But I have a pretty good idea what he shouldn't say.

He should not say the war will be quick. It won't.

He should not say the insurgency is falling apart. It's not.

He should not say we're in this for the long haul. He should tell us why we are.

He shouldn't offer false hopes or trite macho slogans. He knows our troops are tough and he should tell us upfront that he worries whether we're tough.

He should not compliment us on our bravery. We're not the ones there. He should say in deference to those who are: Stop whining about their mission and just let them complete their mission.

He should remind Americans that wars are lost sooner at home than on the battlefield. We owe it to the men and women who serve there not to focus on just the negative there.

He should be angry, not conciliatory. He should be ticked — make that supremely ticked.

He should remind us all that the War on Terror (search) takes many forms in many places and that we should be grateful that right now it's in "that" place and not here in "this" place.

He should have us count our blessings and put to bed our non-stop bitching.

He should rally us by directly picking on a lot of us. We are united against evil. He should end by simply saying: Act like it.

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