Start Saving, Start Living

I've got some good news and bad news for you.

First, the good news: There's a very good chance you will live to be a hundred.

Now the bad news: There's a very good chance you will live to be a hundred.

I mention this because the issue of longevity came up at a medical event I attended this week.

We're apparently able to sustain and improve body organs to the point we can push them longer, which means a lot of us living longer... longer than ever thought possible.

It got me thinking: If we live to 100, why retire at 65?

Why have adult communities that start at 55?

Why should the AARP hand out cards to members starting at age 50?

Which gets me back to my bigger point: If we're to live longer, do we have the money and assets to enjoy life longer?

I'm sorry to say, most of us do not.

We are looking at a Social Security system that can barely handle folks pushing into their 80s and a Medicare system that's in worse shape than Social Security.

We have a government designed on decidedly shorter life expectations and personal savings that are based on something shorter still.

The fact is, my friends, we need to prepare for being around longer.

That's good news if you've got the wherewithal to live it and bad news if you haven't got the dough to finance it.

As I've been lecturing: start saving, start living.

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