"Star Wars" (search) fans might want to set aside Nov. 1 for a reunion with the Skywalker clan.

That's when the final installment, "Revenge of the Sith," hits DVD, allowing fans to watch all six movies in George Lucas' (search) epic at home.

"The great news is, it's nearly 30 years in the making, now fans old and new alike can enjoy the entire `Star Wars' saga whenever they want," said Steven Feldstein, senior vice president of marketing for 20th Century FOX home video, which releases the "Star Wars" films.

Lucasfilm Ltd. also announced Monday it will release the franchise's new video game, "Star Wars: Battlefront II," on Nov. 1.

The two-disc set for "Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith" (search) will include a making-of documentary produced by Lucasfilm; featurettes on the movie's stunts and on Anakin Skywalker — who transforms into galactic bad guy Darth Vader; and an Internet documentary series featuring 15 segments produced for the Web.

"From the beginning of production, George wanted to be sure we chronicled everything that went into the making of `Episode III' specifically to create an incredible DVD experience," said Jim Ward, vice president of marketing and distribution for Lucasfilm.

The year's top-grossing film with $376 million in domestic revenue, "Revenge of the Sith" completes the transformation of Skywalker from honorable Jedi knight to Vader, the villain of the original three "Star Wars" movies.