Stars Get Ready for Denver | Harry Potter Scared By Horse

Stars Get Ready for Denver

How many stars are going to Denver next week for the Democratic Convention? Let's put it this way: they're going to have major gridlock in the Mile High City thanks to limos everywhere. The pollution level should go way up from A-listers in their individual gas-guzzling block-long vehicles!

The music celebs alone should be tantalizing. James Taylor and Tony Bennett are performing for Nancy Pelosi at a benefit, and Kanye West is doing the same for the Recording Industry of America. Vanity Fair is having a party with Google as a co-host, which should mean a total blowout effect, since everyone will want to be there.

The Creative Coalition, a non-partisan group, is bringing a boatload of stars with them including Annette Bening (which could mean that hubby Warren Beatty is nearby), Matthew Modine, Kerry Washington, Joey Pantoliano, Susan Sarandon, Tony Goldwyn, new co-president Tim Daly, Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence O'Donnell. So many celebs are coming that I've heard Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson is considering making a documentary about the whole experience!

The CC is also bringing all of the Black Eyed Peas, but here's the rub: Denver hotel space is so limited that the Peas will have to stay in a Pod way outside the main city and be imported!

The good news too is that the great Creative Coalition co-founder Ron Silver, who's been ailing, is considering doing his Sirius radio show from Denver for the week. Here's hoping Mel Karmazin lays on a lot of good perks for Sirius' best political talk show host!

And just in case you're only interested in the Republican convention, they've got their share of stars tuning up. Lists are just being confirmed now.

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Harry Potter Scared by Horse

A naked Harry Potter has scared off the movie "Harry Potter."

Warner Bros. has announced moving its sixth Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," from Nov. 21, 2008, to July 17, 2009. The reason? Officially, there is no reason, except that "a spot opened on the summer schedule."

That's not much of a reason. The real story? Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will be right in the middle of his sensational, highly publicized run on Broadway in the play, "Equus." Radcliffe appears naked in the play, on stage, and has sex in it as well. That's not the image Warner Bros. wants associated with bespectacled Harry, who remains chaste and virginal.

Indeed, posters for Equus are up all over New York, of Radcliffe's naked torso superimposed on a horse's head. This is not the sort of thing that's taught at Hogwarts. For the movie to open on Nov. 21, Radcliffe would have to do publicity entailing answering questions about blinding horses and having sex with them vs. flying around and making potions.

Warner Bros. does not want this scenario. By the time "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" debuts, "Equus" will either have concluded its run or Radcliffe will have completed his contract. And there will be little mention of any horsing around.