Hey, fashionistas!

While it’s always a pleasure to bring you great fashion and star styles, it is my duty as your style maven to also point out all of the fashion disasters out there! And there’s no better time than the present, to reflect on the celebs who had it all wrong on the red carpet. Here’s my list of worst dressed in 2008.

Katy Perry

Ok we get it- Katy Perry LOVES to have fun with fashion. She’s been quoted as saying so, and proved her commitment in a vaudeville like wardrobe as host of the MTV Europe Music Awards. One dress had eyeballs, how do we say- strategically placed, and the other had an actual carousel for a skirt. While I commend her for her sense of humor when it comes to style, Katy, gets a big thumbs down!


Remember when Mary-Kate was adorable?! She made cute movies, hung out with Ashley, and dressed like a real life teenager. Then something happened, I’m not sure what, but BAM, the next thing you know, she’s ditching Ashley, kissing Ben Kingsley, and dressing like a vagabond. Oh how I miss the days when MK didn’t wear clothes 20 sizes too big. Certainly there were no surprises at The New Yorkers for Children 2008 Fool Fete. However, as much as I hate her ridiculous dress that was in desperate need of a hem (we’re not supposed to know stars borrow designer duds that 6 foot models wore), the sweat band is by far worse! Please hire this girl a stylist!


What an up-and-comer. That song, that voice, that…dress? She is not wearing that. NO, she is not! Yep people, she is. Young Estelle made our list of worst dressed, solely based on this electric blue fortune cookie style that gave me personally, a good, ten minute laugh out loud! Who wears a dress that makes their hips look larger? This American girl needs some style advice. Call me!

Cate Blanchett

Not all of our fashion disasters were tween queens and rock stars. Cate Blanchett, who I must tell you, I love, has an unfortunate taste for bad fashion. She really bombed in the dress she wore at the premiere of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” No worries, Cate. I forgive you!

Reese Witherspoon

Another movie star disappointment, Reese wore this black one-shouldered sheer-tummy number at this year’s CMA’s. For the record, I usually looooove Reese's style, but I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, no matter how flat your tummy is, a style like this is never flattering!

Rumer Willis

We get it, you have an ample bosom. But honestly, Rumer, it’s all we see! Bruce and Demi’s daughter seems to wear a different version of the same dress to each event she attends, and the Entertainment Weekly pre-Emmy party was the worst. Is that velvet she’s wearing? You bet! Poor Rumer has no style to go with that booming career!

Katie Holmes

Katie made my best dressed list this year so take this with a grain of salt, but her superman ensemble had to place her on the worst as well. Not worst dressed, but worst dress. Who wears a sparkly red gown with bright blue shoes? I know it was the Met Costume Institute Ball and the theme was superheroes, but this was a fashion faux pas!

Amy Winehouse

I don’t have to tell you that Amy Winehouse was a disaster in more ways than one this year, but of course being The Style Guide, we’ll stick with her fashion sense. Certainly it seems that Amy needs a dry cleaner. She’s obviously not washing her clothing often, and when she does she’s tossing them in the dryer resulting in a shrunken, itsy bitsy wardrobe. At the ’08 Brit Awards, she looked especially disastrous in a plaid/leopard ensemble that was an obvious fashion don’t. At least her ensembles complement her unkempt beehive we’ve all grown to hate.


Is it a bird, a tree, nope it’s our winner for worst dress this year- Madonna! We’re all for re-invention, but come on. Her style should be evolving not regressing. This middle aged super star, whose concert I’m dying to go to by the way (so Mo- if you’re reading, no offense) looks like she’s competing with her eighties self except with a much larger clothing allowance. Mo-Jo you are our winner for worst dressed this year! Congrats!

I hope this was not too critical. I mean there’s bad style out there, fashionistas, someone has to point it out. And as you know, that’s why I’m here! I’ve also listed my favorite stars, stylistas, so check that out here. Happy shopping!

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