Star-Studded Edition of 'FOX & Friends'

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It was a star-studded "Friends" on Tuesday as The Wiggles, John McCain and Rush Limbaugh all graced the three-hour cablecast. More importantly, the Carlson and Camerota kids both made their international TV appearance and let me just say The Wiggles were thrilled to meet the future stars of FOX News.

We asked you to contribute early via e-mail, as many claim Pope John Paul II's likeness was spotted in the fire in Poland. Many of you were convinced that a miracle had taken place, but still more thought it a reach at best.

I don't want to speak too soon, but it looks like we are in the middle of our third straight month of good news from Iraq. Al Qaeda in Iraq being smashed, a captured terrorist giving up valuable intelligence and the number of foreign fighters walking through Syria dramatically down — I like the trend, do you? Can you imagine Iraq not being the major issue in the race in '08?

I have to say personally the building has a totally different feel since we welcomed the Business Channel to our universe. We share a greenroom and they actually beat us on the air by 1 hour every mooning. It almost feels like we moved buildings and by the way — for the record — let me just say I think the entire channel looks great already.

Congrats to the Rockies for winning the National League title and writing one of the most unthinkable runs to the pennant ever. And look out Red Sox — those Indians are for real. I'm not sure if Tim Wakefield is the right call to go in a critical Game 4 in Cleveland!

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See you Wednesday on the No. 1 morning show in cable: "FOX & Friends."


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