Dear Viewers,

I must be star struck!

Last night I heard a particular movie star was going to be in the green room preparing for "Hannity & Colmes" so I rushed to get my picture with her. Who was it? The new Benji!

I was not disappointed - she is a very sweet and docile dog whose movie opens today. Most of the things we cover on cable news are about death and destruction so we all find it a welcome moment when we have something pleasant to discuss or see — Benji was a pleasure moment for us all. She drew a crowd but she did seem a bit bored with all us stargazers.

After making all the plans to take the show back on the road to Redwood City next week, we suddenly “changed gears.” We have decided not to go — but in this business even that decision could change before Monday (the airlines must hate us the way we book and unbook all the time!).

We got word late yesterday that the cross examination of Amber is not going to be the grilling her lawyer Gloria Allred feared — it is also anticipated to be less than one day.

Because we are also in the process of planning and preparing for our week of road shows from the Republican Convention (11p.m. to 1a.m.), we decided not to go for one day of cross-examination. Of course ... this could change.

By the way — I spent all day yesterday on the phone to find out why Amber's cross-examination was put off for a few days. After learning why (that the Judge wanted to review some tapes the defense wants to play) I was pretty annoyed. Why didn't the Judge just say that instead of creating this nutty atmosphere that there was some huge development in the case? A little information that hurts neither side is welcome so that a media frenzy does not arise.


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