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Last night we had Chuck Norris and his wife Gena in the bureau. Many people wanted pictures taken with them and they were gracious. We taped an interview with them that will air on Friday. They were in town to have a Valentine's Day dinner at the White House with the president and first lady and about 30 other couples.

What was interesting is that when they sat down to do the interview, they did not talk about the dinner, which is what I expected (I pried out that info later in the interview) but immediately spoke about their unplanned trip to Walter Reed hospital, which I did not know about until they started talking. They met a wounded soldier at the White House dinner on Tuesday who invited them to meet with the injured troops at the hospital the following day. They did and their trip to Walter Reed had a huge impact on them. They talk about it in the interview, which we plan to air tomorrow night (Friday.) I have no doubt it was also fun for the injured troops to meet Chuck and his wife. (Incidentally, I am not surprised that they jumped at the chance to meet the injured and make their day a little better... that is how Chuck and Gena are.)

Chuck and Gena are very close to the first President Bush and do not know President Bush 43 as well. Chuck knows the elder Bush and former first lady so well that he felt comfortable teasing Barbara Bush in our interview... we all grimaced (and laughed... maybe nervously) at what he told us and I wondered if she would be calling him after she hears the interview. He better look out: He may be a martial arts star, but my money is on Barbara Bush. In the press corps we admire Mrs. Bush, but we are wise to know our place. Chuck, on the other hand, had some fun teasing her. He obviously loves her... and is brave. I assume she has a good sense of humor.

Chuck has a new book out — his third, but his first novel (based on some historical events.) The book is called, "The Justice Riders." The proceeds go to his charity project KickStart, which helps at risk kids.

Chuck and Gena are extraordinary people — I can't say enough good things about them. They spend much time helping kids. If you met them, you would like them immediately. I know that I did. (As an aside, I met them several years ago and they sent me a Total Gym which I still use every day.)

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

As you are well aware, I do not believe that Scott Peterson was given a fair trial and I believe that he was convicted by the media (in the court of public opinion) before he ever saw a courtroom. That being said, why must every case be compared to him now? If Neil Entwistle killed his wife and child, he did it because of his own mindset, it had absolutely nothing to do with the Peterson case. Nothing! Yet, they are compared constantly. Do you ever think that possibly the Peterson family may be flipping through the channels and will hear every word? They are in pain, regardless of what the majority feels their son did, they don't deserve to be constantly bombarded with armchair psychiatrists, pundits (especially Gloria Allred) saying that, like Scott, this guy must be a sociopath. You even printed an e-mail in today's blog about Scott saying that he talked to Laci every day. When will it stop? Will Neil Entwistle be the next high profile case, and if so, how will he ever get a fair trial in this kind of atmosphere?
I love your show Greta, but I also speak my mind when I feel its appropriate, and it's clear already that this man won't fair any better than Scott did. He may be guilty as hell, but let's let the jury decide that, without tainting the pool. Please stop allowing the comparisons to be made. It's very unfair and, if it continues, Neil Entwistle won't have a prayer!
Judy White

E-mail No. 2

Love your show. Thought on V.P. Cheney and slow response to shooting of his hunting partner, and why if Cheney was so concerned about his buddy he did not go to the hospital with him. Why weren't the local law enforcement officers allowed to talk to him until the next day? Why did V.P. Cheney and his people keep the accident from the press until the next day? V.P. Cheney in his interview on the FOX network today said he only had one beer at lunch. Strange?
Dave Harris

E-mail No. 3

I think that the mainstream people are more concerned with the accident because someone got hurt. But all accounts show that it was an accident on the part of both hunters and, sadly, these things happen. Now why some of my tax dollars are being spent by the tributary streamers, commenting while on work time, to prove any type of national level mismanagement in regards to this is just beyond me. Perhaps if politicians would stick with their belief system they could me more successful. If their beliefs are not what the majority of the people want then maybe another line of work is appropriate until the majority is willing to voluntarily change to that belief system. Either way, and on either side of the aisle, if they want to openly criticize the current elected officials, they should do it on their own dime not mine and since they are salary employees they are always on my dime and that's not what I pay them for.
I keep track of all my employees and will not vote for anyone, regardless of party, that expects me to pay them to continually and openly criticize the person who was selected over them.
Bill Kirkwood
North Platte, NE

E-mail No. 4

Dear FOX News,
Most of us on this side of the TV camera are sick and tired of hearing about the hunting accident. If anyone wants to file a law suit it should be the man that got shot, not the Democrats or the news people. I read about the accident on the Internet late Sunday morning on, not 24 hours later and was not upset by the news, it was an accident.
By the way, someone at FOX needs to learn a little bit about metric measure. Twice I have heard reported that one of the bird shot measured about five millimeters. 5mm is about .197 inches which is very large for bird shot which should be closer to one millimeter. A millimeter is 0.03937 inches...
Delman Nelson
Indianapolis, IN

E-mail No. 5

Enough is enough. The Democrats sure have great hindsight! You can't see ahead if you're looking in the rear view mirror or digging through the trash.
Now an ex-Democrat,
Don Anna and Orleen

E-mail No. 6

Dear Greta,
My wife Debbie and I are interested in opening our home in Michigan to a family who needs shelter in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We have sent money to other relief efforts in the past and will do so again here, BUT we want to do something more personal to help. Where can we get information or names of persons to contact so that we can do this? Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated. Take Care and God Bless!
Mike and Debbie O'Brien

ANSWER: Can someone answer Mike and Debbie? Does anyone have any idea? They sound like a wonderful couple willing to help.

E-mail No. 7

Hi, Greta,
I think that all of the reporters and analysts have missed the big point regarding the accidental Cheney shooting. The major question should be, "Why is the VP of the U.S. shooting guns and other people are allowed to be around him while he is doing this? What if Mr. Whittington mistakenly shot the VP instead? Can't Cheney wait to shoot guns for two more years until he is not in office?" Yeah, yeah, we know his shooting mates are his long-time cronies. However, no elected official, with this kind of public responsibility, should be in the presence of armed people, even for a minute. What if one of the "shooting party" left the "party," was kidnapped and a not-so-friendly person was sent back, complete with a new shotgun?
And please note that I have refrained from asking what kind of person gets a charge out of shooting domesticated quail that are thrown into the air like clay pigeons for the convenience of wealthy, unsportsmanlike people?

E-mail No. 8

I enjoy watching your show. Being a law enforcement officer, most of your stories are interesting to me. I started reading your blog today and just have to get something off my chest — so to speak. I don't know why the media portrays New Orleans as the only city to be devastated by Katrina. News flash: It was not the only place hurt by Katrina. I am really sick of hearing about New Orleans. Poor New Orleans this and that... Mississippi Gulf Coast lost entire towns, but do we hear about that on FOX or any other news station? The answer is no. For the most part, New Orleans is just what its nickname says — Sin City. I was most disturbed this morning when "FOX & Friends" reported that New Orleans is about to release thousands of felons from jail. Why? They don't have enough public defenders. Please! That is about the most lame excuse I have ever heard in my life. Why are you holding up for a city like this? There are other places that were hurt by the hurricanes that deserve more attention than New Orleans. Sometimes you get just exactly what you deserve. (That is not to say innocent people were not hurt as well...)
As you can tell I am sick of hearing about poor New Orleans. They need to pick up the pieces themselves and not wait for the government to do everything for them.
Michelle Wells
Tupelo, MS

E-mail No. 9

Thanks for having Michigan's "Feisty Fieger" back on your show. He and the usual panel work great together. Also, if Neil Entwistle shows a "Scott Peterson" smirky grin the public will go nuts.
Mavis Wennersten
Marquette, MI

E-mail No. 10

Dear Greta,
Hundreds of hunting accidents occur every season. An accident is an accident. The White House Press Corp is making fools of themselves. I was hoping FOX would stay above the fray... I guess not.
Best regards,

E-mail No. 11

Hi Greta,
So nice to see Geoff back on the legal panel! His bantering with Bernie, Ted and Jim is priceless and was missed!
Rockaway, NJ

E-mail No. 12

Tell Geoff Feiger that it is about time he shows up for the show.
Take care,
Monterey, CA

Finally, here are some articles that caught my attention:

• Lawmaker sponsors legislation banning fake gun sale

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A South Florida lawmaker is sponsoring a legislation that would ban the sale of fake guns in the state.

Senator Frederica Wilson says too many children playing with toy guns are getting shot by police in Florida and across the nation. So she's sponsoring legislation that would ban the sale of toy guns that look real.

Her plan also makes it a felony to use a toy gun while committing a crime.

Wilson says she's trying to craft her legislation to align with federal laws that require toy guns to be colored or have an orange marking on the muzzle.

She adds that the legislation comes after the death of a boy in North Miami Beach, who was shot by police as he held a toy gun.

• Court voids Rowe's loss of parental rights to Jackson children

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Jackson's ex-wife, Deborah Rowe, has won a round in winning back some parental rights regarding the couple's two children.

A Los Angeles appeals court has ruled the procedure by which Rowe gave up those rights five years ago was flawed.

The appellate court acknowledges Rowe initiated the process of giving up her parental rights in 2001, in which she said she wanted Jackson to have sole custody.

But the judge in the case, now retired, acknowledged later he failed to have an independent investigation into what was in the best interests of the children. In 2004, he voided his earlier ruling, an action the appeals court has now upheld.

Rowe told the syndicated T-V show "The Insider," she is "thrilled with today's ruling."

Jackson has the right to further appeal the new ruling.

• Janklow can practice law again starting today

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — Bill Janklow can practice law again.

His license reinstatement is effective today — after a South Dakota Supreme Court ruling last month.

The four-term governor who resigned from Congress after being convicted for a deadly traffic accident was automatically suspended as a lawyer.

A jury found him guilty of second-degree manslaughter for killing Randy Scott of Hardwick, Minnesota. Scott was riding a motorcycle when Janklow ran a stop sign in Moody County in 2003.

Janklow spent 100 days in jail and was put on probation for three years.

The judge who sentenced Janklow had recommended that his law license not be returned until his probation is finished in January of 2007.

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