Star, Joy Wage 'Holy War' on 'The View'

A holy war broke out on "The View" Tuesday between co-hosts Joy Behar and Star Jones during a discussion about religion.

The argument was spurred by a clip of Barbara Walters interviewing a Palestinian extremist in an Israeli jail, who said anyone who is not Muslim will go to hell.

When Jones began to talk about her personal relationship with God, Behar wanted to know why "this is a public thing?"

"For me, God has been revealed as a Christian through Christ," Jones said.

"This guy wants to kill Jews because they don't believe what he believes," Behar said, appearing to make an attempt to steer the conversation back to the man in the video clip.

As all five of the show's hosts began yelling and trying to talk over each other, Jones said, "It's because religion and people who get caught up in religion cause wars."

Then, contradicting herself, she added, "If you have a relationship, a personal relationship with God, then you are in the spirit with God, you're not causing war."

"This man says his religion makes it justifiable to kill Jews," Behar snapped back.

"I would never agree with that or believe in that," said Jones.

"I'm not Jewish, I just object to the anti-Semitism that goes on in this world," Behar said.

The show then erupted as its other two hosts, Meredith Vieira and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, tried to get a word in edgewise.

As Jones and Behar began to shout even louder at each other, Walters tried to take back control of the live telecast.

"I will not have a war at this table," Walters said. "All we're trying to say is that if you feel your [faith] is the only way, and everybody else is wrong, that is what leads us to discontent."

This is far from the first time that Behar and Jones have clashed on "The View."

Behar was especially brutal during the run-up to Jones' wedding, which Star ceaselessly promoted on TV and in magazines.

The alleged animosity between the two co-hosts has appeared to have grown over the years. So much so that they are rarely seen sitting next to each other during the morning talk show.