Hey, fashionistas!

There's nothing like a good year end tally of the best and worst of Hollywood. Naturally you expect my two cents on style, but this year I'm expanding my horizons to give you my take on the best and worst hairstyles of 2008. Here are the WORST this past year.

Amy Winehouse

The only thing worse than a beehive in ’08, is one that hasn’t been washed or brushed since ’05. Amy Winehouse, once again, has topped our list of the worst hair this year. The poor girl seems to top every worst list in one way or another and I don't mean to add insult to injury, but I'm sorry Amy, your hairstyle couldn't be ignored.

Victoria Beckham

We loved the bob, Posh! Why did you have to go and chop it all off (almost)? This spiked up, pixie cut does nothing for that sour-puss pout. Stick with brown, but please let your hair grow out, VB!!


I think she coined her name after her pink hair years ago, so I get that Pink loves to experiment with her style. Unfortunately, this Dame Edna do is a total bust! Why white? Why so short? Why the weird curls? Pink— we love that you're still a rock star, but your hair needs help!

Taylor Momsen

Carol Brady anyone? I think Taylor Momsen is trying to pull off punk and instead looks like a seventies housewife with her limp bangs and lame shag. This Gossip Girl needs to reverse this hair disaster.

In case you thought I was a negative nelly, I've listed my favorite styles as well! Check out the best hair of 2008! And of course, Happy New Year!!

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