Spokane Repo Man Takes Ford Explorer With Two Children Inside

Spokane police say two children were accidentally repossessed along with their father's SUV.

Because he was working quickly, the repo driver did not notice the 5- and 7-year-old children when he arrived at a grocery store parking lot Thursday morning to take the 1996 Ford Explorer, police Officer Jennifer DeRuwe said.

The father had left the children in the vehicle when he ran into the store for doughnuts. He called police when he saw the car and kids missing; the repo man also called police after arriving at the repo lot and discovering the passengers.

It's not illegal to leave children unattended in a car as long as it's not running, is not outside a bar, and the weather doesn't pose a danger, DeRuwe said.

Police said the children were returned unharmed to their father.

"They were fine, saying 'Hey Dad,' when he came to get them," she said.