Expect us to start watching Hurricane Ivan (search), since it's turning toward the U.S. later Tuesday and should be upgraded to a Category 4 by Wednesday.

Also, we're working on a particular angle on “Back to School Days:” The pressure on parents to spend obscene amounts of money to buy things like iPods (search), designer sneakers, etc., so their kids can "keep up" with their peers. It's the subject of a report in the new issue of Newsweek magazine: $250 iPod; $300 Nokia phone.

There are recent studies suggesting that kids who are overindulged grow up unable to cope with life's disappointments — that they have a distorted sense of entitlement. I'd like to hear from you about this: Do you see this around you where you live? How do you deal with this when your own kids pester you to buy them the latest gadget or designer purse?

My own parents used to make my brothers and me "earn" special purchases by doing chores (ironing, raking the yard, etc.). Speaking for myself, I learned the satisfaction of earning money on my own — which I think is a healthy thing for kids. I also learned that nothing comes for free.

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